Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

"Old" IPM using ENC28J60

Hi folks!

Just a quick post showing off the only picture I took of the "old" Internet Personal Messenger. It shows the shields that were used and a - well, actually very childish message I sent to it. But boy, was I proud when I got it working ;)
So, today I may open the first small present in my electronic Christmas calendar... let's see what's in there. Perhaps I can connect that to an Arduino too!

Montag, 28. November 2011

Internet Personal Messenger V2

Hi everyone!

This is it: The IPM2 project has started. If everything works out right, it will become an Aduino-based internet-enabled message display for the living room. As to its planned features, these are listed here:
The push mode, user interaction and a basic chiptune player are already implemented in version 1 of the project, in which the cheaper ENC28J60 ethernet controller was used. However, this one used up so much of the microcontroller's RAM that the poll mode couldn't be realized. And so, we're starting off with a new NIC.
The NIC is already here and seems to work fine:
I'll tell you whether it supports simultaneous operation as server and client in my next post, where you'll also find the sources for the example I'll create.
Bye for now!

Blog Launch

Hi folks!
Now, let's skip all the introductory stuff, because this is going to be a blog centered on my hardware experiments, so what really matters is what I do rather than who I am - if you still want to find out, I'm on Facebook, too. Just like anybody else ;)
So, what to expect in the coming weeks?
My brother gave me a Christmas calendar containing some resistors, LEDs and stuff, so I though I'd tell somebody whether I blew myself up by toying around with these things - as to prevent people from making the same mistake as well.
And second, I'm going to build an Arduino-based internet messenger for The AirBear and I'd like to use this blog to keep him (and the rest of the world, of course) informed of my progress. The launch of the project is scheduled for the end of January 2012, so there isn't that much time left... yet I have barely started ;)
That's it for now...