Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

IPM V2 update

Hey everyone! I think it's time to wish all of you a Happy New Year first ;)
Then, I'll show you what I did while I left you alone out there all the time...
The Internet Personal Messenger V2 now features almost the same functionality as the old V1 one. Here's a picture of the current hardware setup (still missing the speaker, though):
I'll post the setup's schematics next time - and I'll also show you the code, but at the moment, there are still some memory leaks I have to fix.
Ah, by the way, the TFT is quite nice and really cheap! It's got an ST7735 controller on it. The library seems to originate from ladyada but the one I got shipped with the TFT was pretty buggy. The software mode was really slow too. If you'd like to get my improved version, please mail!
I'm using the software SPI for the TFT in my sketch as at was impossible to get it running on the same bus the ethernet controller and the TF card are using. The controller and the card use SPI transfer mode 0, the TFT uses mode 3. As mode 3 seems to be just the inverted variant of mode 0, there may be a possibility to use the same bus with all three devices if you'd use an inverter to connect the TFT to the bus. I didn't test this though, as things run fine for me the way they are ;)
That's it for now! Keep up gadgeting!

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