Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

IPM2 Work Started

Hey, it's december ;) The first prize in my calender was... tadaaa! A piezo speaker and a 9V battery plug. Yay!
As this didn't provide distraction for long enough, I decided to start working on the IPM2.
In the former implementation using the ENC28J60, data was exchanged through shared buffers between the library and the main program. With the Ethershield lib, you get a stream-based interface, which suits me much better - I hate static buffers!
Simultaneous operation as server and client IS possible, so the path is clear to fully implement the requested features.
My next step is to find a new case (there are still LOTS of old cardboard boxes lying around here;) and to attach the LCDShield, speaker and LEDs.

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