Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Arduino chiptune synthesizer

Today, I'm back again with source code and a video for you! Enjoy my first chiptune for the Arduino ;)

With the help of Draeyoc, I was able to get Linus Akesson's hardware chiptune player onto my Arduino. It is a port Draeyoc got from somewhere on the net, and I used the Linus' simplistic but perfectly usable chiptune tracker to create my own tune. However, the tracker exported an assembly source file, which I had to compile and decompile again to get the correct byte sequence for use in the player sketch.
If you want to create your own tune, then...
  • Use the tracker (Linux) to compose it.
  • Export it ("%" key in the tracker).
  • Run my conversion script in the tracker folder (you'll need gcc and java for it to run!).
  • Open the file "song.lst" and copy its contents to the clipboard.
  • Open the player sketch and replace the byte sequence in "songdata" by the sequence from "song.lst"
  • Update the defines of "MAXTRACK" and "SONGLEN" to the values found in "exported.h" in the tracker directory.
  • Connect a speaker to port 3 and two LEDs to ports 10 and 12 and enjoy your personal disco with synchronized light show.
You'll find the sources for my song in the conversion script archive. I also altered the player code a bit, making the LEDs light up brighter and I added a (glitchy!) rewind at the end of the song.
Have fun!


  1. hello, can you please tell me what you mean by 'use tracker'? i've been trying to open it on linux but i'm not sure what to do

  2. hi! perhaps my second post on this topic may help you: "LFT Tracker howto". Cheers!

  3. Hi, congratulations, excellent job! My question to you is: how can I create/convert e.g. my own Your file is plain text, where did you get that from? Thank you very much for sharing further information.

  4. Hey. I tried to download converter script, but the link is broken. Can you please upload it again?